Conscript - a type of Lechite enemy that first appears in the Sewers, they are members of the ONR that search for the player around the city alongside the military and majority of security forces.

Official descriptionEdit

"They fight for the Motherland. They fight for her, and for her they will die. Conscripts are a very dangerous, semi-military group composed of nationalists from various organizations, such as ONR or NOP. Xenophobic, devious, cunning and out of control. Armed with FB Beryl machineguns and F-1 grenades, they can even detonate themselves near you, to die for the Motherland like noble knights and take you with them."


Conscripts are young nationalists dressed in weak bulletproof armour and balaclavas stylized to look like the flag of Poland. They use F-1 hand grenades and FB Beryl machineguns. Later in the mod, they are encountered alongside their non-exploding variant and the fast variant.


Conscripts can be incredibly dangerous, despite posessing the same health as Prison Guards. Not only they can fire their Beryl at player either in spurts, or in a constant rate, but they can also throw their F-1 hand grenades at him. The grenades bounce around few times, but can explode on impact, usually insta-killing unarmoured player. The most devastating attack of the Conscripts however, is their ability to kill themselves for the name of their motherland, as they can pull out an overclocked F-1 grenade and commit a suicide bombing, that almost always kills the player and everything, including other enemies nearby.



  • The sprites of Conscripts are edited Shotgun Guy sprites.
  • They were based on real-life polish nationalist subculture called "Narodowcy".
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