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First Bigweld encountered in-game.

Bigweld - first sub-boss type enemy encountered in the mod, he first appears in Club 88.

Official descriptionEdit

"When a Bigweld arrives on the scene, every other Lechite doesn't look so frightening anymore. Those doped and genetically altered to some point men are clad in heavy armour that was made to shield them from high temperatures. When they are not working in hot areas, they usually are send after wanted criminals. And no one wants to be chased by one of those fire-spewing metal monsters, as everything they touch sets ablaze."


Bigwelds are people that work in very hot areas, such as gun factories or metal-melting plants. Their suits are armoured and very resistant to both fire and guns. During riots, or while looking for a very dangerous person, the Bigwelds are ordered to search the city along with the military as heavy support units. They seem to be genetically modified to behave more animal-esque and posess sado-masochistic tendencies, as once they get hurt, they either moan in pleasure or laugh.


Bigwelds are incredibly dangerous, if one is not careful around them. Their attacks include firing a stream of melted metal that ignites everything on it's path, firing four bouncing F-1 grenades from their modified welding device or jumping in air and creating a fiery shockwave that disappears after few seconds. They might look sluggish, but are in fact rather fast. After player hurts them, they become invincible and immobile for a few seconds, giving a chance to back off and grab items such as medikits or ammo.



  • This is the first in-game enemy that was entirely drawn by the author and is not an edited sprite, excluding the legs which were taken from Doom's Shotgun Guy.
  • Their sounds were taken from Painkiller.
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